Emily Harrington: The Interview


A super-serious Emily Harrington. Photo by Caroline Treadway


Emily Harrington is a total bad ass. She climbs hard inside and out. She’s a comp killin, climbing dynamo and will simply not stop crushing. We did get her to sit down and give us some answers about her life, what she’s doing, and how she might or might not want to be an assassin for the CIA.

Let’s start with basics. Where are you from? How old are you? How long have you lived in boulder? I am 22 years old, I was born in Boulder and I still live here (but we moved to Kansas City when I was 2 for a year).

When did you start climbing?I was 10 and I started at the Boulder Rock Club. I took kids classes during the summer and then I joined the Jr. Team and I started doing comps.

Harrington bootin' up. Photo by Caroline Treadway


And you’ve been shredding the Front Range gnar ever since. What’s the best crag within an hour of boulder? Hmm. I guess for sport climbing its maybe Clear Creek. I don’t really know if I can decide. There are a bunch of smaller areas that are good. The Flatirons, the Monastery, Industrial Wall, Eldo, Boulder Canyon.

So. Just anything I guess.Yes. There are a lot. It just depends on my mood I guess

What’s the best route you’ve ever climbed that’s 5.8 or easier?5.8 or easier? I cant think of anything really that easy. I soloed the 1st Flatiron. How hard is that?

5.6 It was fu%#ing terrifying. I thought I was going to die. No good. I will never do it again, but i guess it was kinda cool…

So what are you doing with your days right now? You graduated right?Yes, I graduated in May 2007. Now I just climb and travel and try to keep my brain busy, but its getting old. I think I need to go back to school. I like climbing but I’m not one of those people who can stay motivated when it’s the only thing I do. Daniel woods and I did a slide show in Kentucky at a high school, so now I want to do more because I’m sick of just traveling and climbing. I feel like I don’t do anything all that productive.

Harrington mid-session. Photo by Caroline Treadway


That sounds rad. I say do it. You have P&C’s stamp of approval.Ha thanks. I like the idea too, and my sponsors do too. Hopefully I can organize it and make it happen.

Good. We have a reader submitted question. Someone I know wants to know if you are of Nordic descent or if he has just convinced himself you look that way. Nordic descent? I have no idea. Maybe…

yeah…My parents are from Holland, MI, so we have some Dutch and Irish and English I think. I’m a random mix. I’m also the only one in the family with blond hair. You have viewer submitted questions?

Actually no but Limit made a drunken comment one night and I decided to publicly poke fun at him for it. Well speaking of drinking, I hear you do not know how to go into a liquor store and buy alcohol. I’ve been to the liquor store three times since I turned 21. I just didn’t know what kind of vodka to buy because I never drink and there were so many different kinds. I was overwhelmed.

Harrington will simply not stop crushing. Photo by Caroline Treadway


So if you aren’t a drinker what do you do? Any vices at all?Yes. Lots. Cookies, ice cream and sleeping pills. Not good. I have sleeping problems and I take sleeping pills and I’m trying to not, but I always cave. And the internet.

What’s your favorite website? This is an EASY question.I don’t know if I have a favorite. Let me think.

Ahem.I go on 8a a lot. and Facebook and the Foodnetwork and weather.com

AHEM.Pimpin and Crimpin…duh…

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