Entre Prises USA INC. Climbs up and takes hold as a leader online.


BEND, OR (May 11, 2004) — Panagrafik, a leading branding, communications and design firm, announced today the launch of a newly developed web site for the leader in sport climbing, EP USA Inc. EP, an innovator in the climbing industry is now becoming a leader online. With a newly branded user interface and a custom built content management system called SiteAgent™ by Panagrafik, EP has made online activities an enjoyable experience for both the sales team and customers alike. With ease of use and smart content at the forefront their goals have been accomplished."EP wanted a creative, detail oriented company that would put EP on the web in a lucid and concise way. We chose to work with Panagrafik to strengthen our competitive edge and to support our brand positioning as a global Climbing Wall and Modular Handhold manufacturer," says Adam Koberna, EP Marketing Director. “Panagrafik not only met our expectations but truly surpassed them. The feedback has been positive, clients have actually called in to compliment EP on the new site; mentioning how easy it is to work with the sales team while navigating through the site.”In the process of creating the site Panagrafik built it to be dynamic. This allows EP to add and edit all of the content on the site including product information and navigation at their own convenience. This keeps EP clients coming back to find new information and up to date product listings.To make it easier for EP clients and visitors to view Handholds, Panagrafik designed the EP VIEWER X3 so that research of EP Modular Handholds can be conducted in depth. The EP VIEWER gives the client 3 different views of the product showing it up close so that the texture of the material is clearly visible, allowing clients to make educated decisions when purchasing and comparing Modular Handholds. All of these features can be viewed at http://www.epusa.comABOUT ENTRE PRISES USA INC.Entre Prises formed in 1983 with the introduction of their patented Imprint System™, which established EP as the world’s leader in artificial climbing structures known for their beauty and unmatched quality. Since then, EP has built more than 3500 walls worldwide, for customers like REI, ESPN, Nike, Galyan’s, Royal Caribbean and countless more for universities and military bases. Their staff includes engineer professionals, designers, world-class climbers and an in-house architect. With 8 different types of wall constructions to choose from, EP’s got a solution for all needs and budgets. For more info: 1-800-580-5463 www.epusa.cominfo@epusa.comABOUT PANAGRAFIKPanagrafik is a visual brand communications group. We work on campaigns and projects of all sizes for clients all around the globe. We collaborate with our clients as partners to bring life to their message and our work. Panagrafik specializes in the following: corporate logo development, print collateral, product packaging, print advertising, web site design and development, interactive presentations, interface design, e-mail campaigns, promotional materials, graphic design, creative type treatment, environmental design, and architectural signage.We engage the expertise of our collaborative business partners and the media to help our clients stand out in the forefront. Unique and creative visual presentations blended with individualized marketing strategies have helped our clients succeed in reaching their target markets. This success has made it possible for Panagrafik to enjoy long-term, rewarding and beneficial relationships with our clients, as well as our marketing, creative, and technology partners. We are a team and we look forward to growth. Panagrafik is confident that our future clients will enjoy working with us and experience the satisfaction of being different while we successfully meet their business goals as a team.At Panagrafik, we look at things differently, so you're looked at differently.We’ll help you discover your unique position and we’ll tell the world who you are.

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