ESSENTIAL FONTAINEBLEAU – a Stone Country Bouldering Guide


ESSENTIAL FONTAINEBLEAU – a Stone Country Bouldering Guide

Edited by Colin Lambton & J S Watson; ISBN (Paperback): ISBN 978-0-9548779-3-4; Price: £9.99

This is the first pocket guide to Fontainebleau bouldering available for under 10 pounds! It is a full colour guide to the best bouldering in the forest of Fontainebleau in France, THE most popular world bouldering venue!

Fontainebleau enjoys the reputation as the heart of world bouldering, visited by tens of thousands of boulders every year. This pocket guide is designed to appeal to all and travels round this famous forest mapping the best bouldering with annotated photographs to help the climber get the best out of their visit, highlighting the benchmark boulder problems and circuit classics. Each area is given an overview topo followed by photographs of the boulders with the classic lines marked out, with brief descriptions guiding the climber through the secrets of each problem. Over 300 carefully chosen problems are described, mainly in the accessible grade ranges to appeal to the travelling boulderer. Clear and concise maps help guide the boulderer around the forest, whether by car or on foot, and tips for a successful visit are included throughout.

Author Biography: John Watson has published Stone Play and Bouldering in Scotland - two well-received books on bouldering, one a guidebook and the other a photographical essay book. Colin Lambton is a climber with over 20 years of experience bouldering in Fontainebleau.

Guide Highlights:

  • Only guide to Fontainebleau bouldering under 10 pounds! Over 40 classic venues described.

  • Full colour maps, topos and photographs to all the classic problems in each area.

  • Photo-based guide designed to appeal to all nationalities and languages.

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