Eureka! A new route!


Near the southwestern Colorado mining village of Eureka, home to the popular Stairway to Heaven ice climb, climbing guide Vince Anderson and Pike Howard established the four-pitch Dukes of Hazard (WI 6 M6). Likely the hardest ice climb in Eureka, the new route's crux second pitch involves dry-tooling up a "beautiful, crystal-studded wall" past two bolts to an overhanging ice curtain. Anderson said "the crystals are nothing short of amazing." An easier pitch leads to a steep pillar and some "very engaging" thin ice up a final slab. Said Anderson: It's not a groundbreaking ascent of any sort, though it is a fun climb and has minimal avy danger, which is a real bonus in Eureka."For current San Juan ice conditions visit Vince Anderson's website Skyward Mountaineering