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Ever Upward: A Century of Canadian Alpine Journals on DVD



Ever Upward: A Century of Canadian Alpine Journals on DVD

It’s finally here! The Alpine Club of Canada is proud to introduce Ever Upward: A Century of Canadian Alpine Journals now available on digital disk. To all members and subscribers who purchased the DVD in advance: Thank you for your patience, it’s in the mail to you! Faithful to the energy and enthusiasm of the founders of the club, the Canadian Alpine Journal is continuing its longstanding history of diverse contributors, solid editing and elegant design in bringing you 100 years of Canadian mountaineering history in one convenient disk. It has been a long and character-building journey for the many individuals who have worked on this digitization project. We really wanted to bring the best quality possible and it was a much bigger task than anticipated. From the scanning of each page of each journal to the proofing, editing, formatting, linking, producing the PDFs and finally creating the DVD, a long list of individuals contributed their time, effort, passion and ideas thereby giving this digitized century of journals the quality it deserves. These people, along with our many and generous sponsors, have made possible the enjoyment of reading and reliving an important part of our nation's cultural mountain heritage. To all those involved: You should be proud and THANK YOU! “One thing I know is true: the love, the beauty and the reverence for the mountains rings out of these pages from the first journal through to the last. Seeing that love flow from the pages of the CAJ over the last 100 years makes me feel connected to those who have expressed their feelings about the mountains.” –Vi Sandford, who scanned the pages. “I can’t help but be inspired by author and photographer names such as A.O. Wheeler, A.L. Mumm, George Mallory, Don and Phyl Munday, Fred Beckey, Barry Blanchard and dozens of other famous alpinists and climbers who have been involved with the Club and the journal for the last 100 years. It is truly an incredible collection of stories and photos” –Nancy Hansen, who helped put it all back together. “I also learned how the ACC has changed over the years – by how people wrote in the early years of the Club up to the present, and by what those people are like. I read marvelous stories, told in fascinating detail. There are so many good writers in our Club, so many adventurous people doing amazing things.” –Ruthie Oltman, who proofread dozens of issues. The Alpine Club of Canada would also like to thank patrons of the Journal for their ongoing support, as well as the individuals and organizations whose financial donations made this project possible, and recognize the following donors for their significant financial contributions: Alberta Lottery Fund, Mountain Equipment Co-op, Parks Canada, and Bev Bendell.

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