Everest is Hollow - A Climbing Adventure Novel by Indigo Jones



Everest is Hollow - A Climbing Adventure Novel by Indigo Jones

Climbing readers can enjoy an adventure and save the life of another person somewhere else in the world. It’s people saving people by reading a book.

Un-Tied Artists is a small publisher with a big heart. We donate our proceeds to Doctors Without Borders. Each book sold saves a life, buying medicine for people in underprivileged countries. Doctors Without Borders won the 1999 Nobel Peace Prize. Their work assists people in 60 nations across the globe, from New Orleans (Hurricane Katrina) to the Gaza Strip (refugee camps).

Everest is Hollow by Idigo Jones breaks ground as an adventure novel, mixing realistic climbing scenes on Mount Everest with exploration of a lost civilization inside the world’s tallest mountain.

Yahoo.com chose Everest is Hollow as one of the top ten books kids would love as a gift. The appeal of Everest is Hollow extends to adventure readers of all ages, from teens through grandparents.

Opening lines to Everest is Hollow: Inside the world’s highest marketplace, Trouble darted between tables of gold bracelets and t-shirts, crouching low to hide from his pursuers. He could smell the strange men chasing after him, a weird blend of coriander, body odor and wet leather. They cursed in high-speed grunts, sounding like strangled cats.

The entire first chapter of Everest is Hollow is available on our website. siliconvalleynovel.com