Explore This Amazingly Detailed Photo of the Alps


Last fall, Italian photographer Filippo Blengini led a team that spent two weeks on an 11,286-foot point high over the Glaciar du Géant in France, from which they shot 70,000 photos of the surrounding Mont Blanc Massif. The result, stitched together into a single image, is a 365-gigapixel panoramic photo that reveals the Western Alps’ most famous mountains in stunning detail.

Blengini said the photos were shot from a promontory called the Petit Flambeau, near the border with Italy. His team shot for 35 hours over 15 days in late September and October. “Honestly, I was hoping to do it earlier to get more alpinists [in the image], but weather conditions last summer were not so good, and the midsummer has a totally different light.”

You can get a feel for the photo in the sample below. Hit the "Tour" button to zoom in on climbers and skiers. But to really get the full picture (including a spectacular full-screen view), be sure to visit the In2White website.

Test your knowledge of the Mont Blanc Massif by trying to locate the scenes below within Blengini's mega-image, with screen shots ranked from relatively easy to desperate. Post your list in the comments!

The top of Chamonix's most famous ski lift:


A certain high point:


A famed 4,000-meter summit. Note the fixed rope. And is that a chough (a kind of alpine raven) perched on top?

Tower, Fixed Rope and Bird

A summer hut above a sea of ice:


Crevasse rescue practice:

Crevasse Rescue

Ski cache at the foot of a famous tower: