February 2012 - 302

February 2012 - 302


THE SANDSTONE ALPS: Utah's San Rafael Reef isn't for everyone. And that's exactly why some climbers love it.By Jeff Achey. Photos by Kennan Harvey

THE GOLDEN PITONS:Climbing's 10th annual survey of the year's most outrageous climbing achievements.By the Editors

CATSKILLS ICE: New York's Catskill Park is a little-known mecca for ice climbing, within a half day's drive of millions of people.By Peter Bronski. Photos by Anne Skidmore

STRENGTH + STRETCH: Six essential yoga poses for climbers. By Lizzy Scully


Editorial Celebrating 10 years of Climbing's Golden Pitons


MileageTufas, tufas, and more tufas—no, this isn't sport climbing in Spain. The Homestead in Arizona offers a feast of pinches in the backcountry.

Classic Climbs You've trained for months doing pull-ups with your ice tools. Now you're ready for Wyoming's Golden Tears (WI4+).

Hot Spots Roofs: you can love 'em or hate 'em. Either way, here are seven roofs 5.10+ and under that we're sure you'll want to do.

Gear Spot on! Eight crashpads for cushion your landing. Plus, your favorite softshell just got a major upgrade.

Tech Tips The ins and outs of drilling an emergency anchor. Plus, unorthodox ways to use a camera.

Perspective From climbing to writing to promoting ultimate fighters, Stephanie Forte does it all.