First Alpine Guide Service Debuts in Revelstoke, British Columbia


Revelstoke Alpine Adventures offers personalized mountain experiences for everyone from seasoned backcountry enthusiasts to families; first courses and guiding underway now

REVELSTOKE, British Columbia – Revelstoke Alpine Adventures (RAA), the first alpine guide service in Revelstoke, British Columbia, opens the door to Canada’s world-renowned backcountry for seasoned enthusiasts, first-time adventurers and families who want an extraordinarily unique, personalized outdoor vacation experience.

Making its world debut Dec. 8, RAA offers an entirely new and premiere option to explore and enjoy the best of Canada’s backcountry. RAA is offering guided services for skiing, hiking, waterfall ice climbing, rock climbing, and mountaineering adventures, as well as avalanche skills training courses.

Located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, Revelstoke is a world-class destination for year-round backcountry experiences. Having guided in the Revelstoke area for a combined 40 years, RAA owners Norm Winter and David Scott are seasoned veterans and experts in planning guest-appropriate routes and experiences. Both Winter and Scott are certified by the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides and members of the International Federation of Mountain Guides Association. Additionally, all RAA guides will be professional and certified by the ACMG, which takes a minimum of 5 years of training and testing.

“Our experiences range from several hours to several days,” says co-owner Norm Winter. “We provide experienced professionally certified guides who personally coach guests throughout the journey. Guests can count on our team to help them push personal limits while balancing adventure and safety. We’ve had many guests tell us at the end of a trip that they cannot believe what they were able to accomplish. Our guests have told us that many of these experiences change their lives and expand their personal boundaries.”

Moreover, RAA offers stellar personalized and detailed service for each guest. Guests’ interests, experience and goals are discussed in detail with RAA staff in advance of booking the trip so RAA can recommend the best – and perhaps a variety of – options. And the personal touches don’t stop there as the RAA team can help guests plan things like transportation, lodging, childcare, dining reservations, etc. Guests particularly like the photos that are taken throughout the journey to commemorate memorable situations, accomplishments and companions.

For more information on Revelstoke Alpine Adventures, call 877-837-7141, or visit

Revelstoke British Columbia World-Class Terrain Fact Sheet

World-class terrain for skiing, hiking, waterfall ice climbing, rock climbing, mountaineering and avalanche skills training because:

  • Coastal amounts of snow with interior temperatures lead to epic snow conditions

  • Average annual snowfall is 12 – 18 meters/40 – 60 feet

  • Practically limitless, vast skiable space of 40,000-square kilometers/24,854-square miles

  • Some runs are up to 1,828 meters long/6,000 feet long (1.8 kilometers/1.1 miles)

  • Moderate altitude in a mountainous environment makes it easier for guests to adapt

    • Typically start at altitude of 5,000 – 6,000 feet and may ascend to 9,000 or 11,000 feet

    • Vertical relief of the Revelstoke-area mountains is 5,000 – 6,000 feet

    • Lower than the Rockies in the US, Alps in Europe, Andes of South America makes it easier for guests to acclimatize yet the visuals are world premiere

  • Naturally gladed virgin forests with beautifully spaced trees provide fantastic glade skiing

  • Huge old growth hemlocks and cedars (800+-year-old trees) provide incredible cathedrals and spectacular scenery

  • Mountains are glaciated, which means there are year-round snowfields

  • Heavy precipitation and steep vertical rise of the glaciated mountains make for great waterfall ice climbing

  • Revelstoke is easy to get to. Revelstoke is situated on the Trans Canada Highway. Kelowna international airport which is a 2 1⁄2 hour drive, has direct flights to the USA and flights connecting out of Calgary and Vancouver for travels from abroad. Revelstoke has two national parks at its doorstep, Revelstoke National Park and Glacier National Park.

  • No motorized vehicles in Glacier and Revelstoke National Parks, so only self-propelled adventurers are allowed access, which means a true undisturbed backcountry experience.