Fischhuber Flashes 5.14b


The Austrian Kilian Fischhuber has flashed Tai Chi, a route rated 5.14b (8c). The 26-foot, slightly overhanging limestone route at Lorüns was established by Beat Kammerlander and graded 5.14a. When one of the few holds on the short route broke, it raised the grade. If Tai Chi is solid 5.14b, it would be the first route of the grade flashed and not subsequently downgraded — a la Yuji Hirayama’s onsight of Mortal Kombat (now considered 5.14a) five years ago. Fischhuber undoubtedly has strong fingers. So far this year, the 20-year-old has won one bouldering World Cup and finished second in the other. For more details (in German), see