Friday the 13th Killer Comp


The details have just released on the year's most frighteningly fun competition at Rock Spot Climbing Gym in Boston, MA on Friday the 13th, 2009. Here's the skinny: $20 Entrance, Registration 5-7, Slackline demo 5-7, Chair Bouldering challenge 5:30-7, Team and individual competition 7-10, Dyno competition rounds 1&2 7-9:30, Pull-up contest ongoing 7-10, Dyno finals 10-11, CCS Team and Individual finals 11pm.CASH PRIZES for Individual winners!!! $500 gift card to RSC or RIRG for the winning team!!!

$250 gift card to RSC or RIRG to the school with the LARGEST team!!!The above times are approximate. As you can see, there is a lot going on at any one time and details are subject to change. You do NOT need to be a college student to compete. However, in order for your score to count in the Collegiate Climbing Series you must be enrolled in an accredited college or university. Teams will be made up of the top two male and female scorers from each particular college.

We're encouraging climbers of all abilities to join us for a great time. You will see some strong climbing, insane moves, unique boulder features and have a great time climbing. Hey, you might even learn something or make a new friend too! In addition to the competitions outlined above, there will be fun contests and extras including:

  • Mystery climb winner

  • Raffle (with MANY different ways to win tickets)

  • Group Freeze Frame game

  • Free food

  • DJ

  • Amazingly scary Friday the 13th theme decor provided by RISD and more!

Don't forget to RSVP on the Facebook event!!!! (You could win a prize!)

Slackline Demo 5-7Learn how to set up and take down our Mammut Slackline Kit with ease. Watch demonstrations of tricks and techniques, and test them out during our informal slack line session during registration.

Chair Bouldering Challenge 5:30-7It’s silly, it’s fun, it’s pointless, it’s a challenge, so why not? The object is to begin seated on a folding chair and climb under and around it, back to the seated position without touching the ground.

Team and individual competition 7-10Individuals will climb as many problems as they can, accumulating points based on difficulty for each climb completed without falling.

Dyno competition rounds 1&2 7-9:30 and Dyno finals 10-11“A lunge performed with explosive energy: in climbing, a lunge from one handhold to another performed with an explosive burst of energy” (Encarta Dictionary). Two qualifying rounds and finals make up this fun and exciting challenge.

Pull-up contest ongoing 7-10This is not your grandmother’s pull-up contest! Step on up and see how many pull-ups you can do while gripping onto creepy holds. Oddball holds such as skulls, teeth, hands, bats and slugs add an extra twist to this contest.

CCS Team and Individual finals 11pmTop men and women will compete in two Open level problems to determine the top scorers. The top teams will also compete in a progressive final climb. Each member of the team will climb to accumulate points for their school. Each school team is comprised of the top two women and top two male climbers during the individual rounds.

Mystery climb winnerAt the end of the night, we will randomly announce climbs. If you have marked on your card that you completed that climb, we will give you an extra raffle ticket.

Raffle (with MANY different ways to win tickets)Win tickets by completing climbs, entering pull-up and dyno contests, preregistering, RSVP on our Facebook event, and more!

Group Freeze Frame gameIt’s Simon Says on the rock wall. Join us after all the festivities for the largest game of Freeze Frame RSC or RIRG has ever seen! The object is to stay on the wall as our leaders call out crazy commands.

Register over the phone or online and skip the lines!If you have EVER been to RIRG in the past you can register online. Call 401-727-1704 or email Kat at to get your login and password then go to, enter your info and pay online!

You can also register over the phone using a credit card.

Rock Spot Climbing 67 Sprague Street Boston, MA 02136