Germans Take Gold in Austrian World Cup


5/22/13 - Germans Juliane Wurm and Jan Hojer stood atop the podium at 2013's fifth Bouldering World Cup in Innsbruck, Austria, on May 18.

Qualifiers got rained out, which caused the judges to scrap performances on the first problem. They scored based on four problems (instead of the typical five), which worked in favor of Hojer, who otherwise would not have moved on to semi-finals. He stepped up his game in finals, topping out the four problems. Sharafutdinov was hot on his heels, but needed one more attempt, and ended up in second place. Austrian Kilian Fischhuber finished in third place.

In the last three years, Wurm has frequented the podium at World Cups, but this is her first gold medal. Wurm ended Austrian Anna Stöhr's winning streak (she won the first four legs of the series), but Stöhr didn't go far, finishing in second place. The Austrian led going into finals, followed by Wurm in third. Both were the only women to top out all four finals problems, but Wurm needed one less attempt, clinching her win. Japan's Akiyo Noguchi finished three problems, securing a bronze medal.

Four North Americans competed: Alex Puccio, Sean McColl, Cathy LaFlamme, and Thomasina Pidgeon. Puccio, having maintained a solid performance in each competition, failed to make finals this round, finishing in 10th overall. McColl did well, finishing fourth behind Fischhuber with three topouts and only a few more attempts. The latter two finished 46th and 53rd, respectively.

Stöhr remains first in rankings with a huge lead, followed by Noguchi and Briton Shauna Coxsey. Despite less-than-stellar results in the last two World Cups, Puccio is close behind in fourth. Sharafutdinov—with four podium finishes so far, including a gold medal—leads the men's rankings, followed by Austrian Jakob Schubert and French climber Guillaume Glairon-Mondet. Hojer sits in fourth, with McColl in fifth.

Women's final results:

  1. Juliane Wurm (Germany)

  2. Anna Stöhr (Austria)

  3. Akiyo Noguchi (Japan)

  4. Melissa Le Neve (France)

  5. Momoka Oda (Japan)

  6. Aya Onoe (Japan)

Men's final results:

  1. Jan Hojer (Germany)

  2. Dmitry Sharafutdinov (Russia)

  3. Kilian Fischhuber (Austria)

  4. Sean McColl (Canada)

  5. Jorg Verhoeven (Netherlands)

  6. Guillaume Glairon-Mondet (France)