Get in the Zone


Flying overseas for a climbing trip is quite the undertaking, especially when you’re traveling with a lot of gear. However, the brand-new PUSHER ZONE CRASH PAD ($199, is designed to help lighten that traveling load. At 54” x 32” x 3”, the Pusher pad folds down to a lean 18” wide, being the only full-sized crash pad to meet the oversized, checked luggage requirements for most international flights. Another original aspect: the top layer of foam is on the outside of the “burrito” fold, giving a consistently flat landing space and extending the foam’s durability. Plus, climbers have the option to hook the flap/backpack to the top side when the pad is open, keeping your jacket, Clif Bar, and iPod out of the dirt. And with adjustable shoulder straps, the Pusher gives comfort and stability to climbers of all sizes. Who said a crash pad can’t have it all? — Amanda Fox