GoLite Announces that more than 50% of Spring 2010 Collection is Made from Environmentally Preferred Materials


Unveils The GoLite Index™ to Measure Sustainability

Boulder, Colorado July 16, 2009 – GoLite announced today that more than 50% of its spring 2010 collection is made from environmentally preferred materials (EPMs). A comprehensive environmental footprint analysis has shown that more than 60% of the company’s environmental impact is in the materials of the products, so the company has committed to using increasingly more EPMs in its product offerings while still maintaining a high performance design philosophy. Progress over the past 3 years has been impressive: · 2008 -- 3% of the company’s product line was made from EPMs · 2009 -- 20% of the company’s product line was made from EPMs · 2010 -- over 50% of the spring collection is made from EPMs The brand’s goal is to use 100% EPMs – materials that are recycled, recyclable, organic, certified, and/or renewable – in all of its products by 2015, while meeting or exceeding the company’s high performance testing standards. In addition, the company has unveiled a new tool called The GoLite Index™ to assess its products against its mission to deliver high performance outdoor gear with minimal environmental impact. The GoLite Index is a scorecard that transparently addresses the company’s highest impact social and environmental decisions. Each product is run through a rigorous set of criteria that combines knowledge of the materials used, findings from audits of production facilities, transportation distances, and many other factors, to shine a light on three main areas of potential impact. It measures: · Environmentally Preferred Materials (EPMs) · Responsible Production (including transportation) · Education + End-of-Life Programs Starting in February 2009, individual product ratings will be calculated and updated annually, and maintained on the company’s website for consumer review. Each product will have a permanent label attached to it so that product owners will always know where to get up-to-date information on all three criteria. “We’re excited about the strides that we’re making to tread lighter on the planet,” said GoLite’s Senior Vice President, Andy Burgess. “For the past two years, we have been investing heavily in the development of environmentally preferred materials that are technically superior to what has been available. We’re proud that we’ve dramatically increased our use of EPMs since last year, and even prouder of the fact that we are doing so with no sacrifice in performance. The fact that we can now share our progress with consumers through The GoLite Index program is very rewarding.” All packs, sleeping bags and travel gear made with Tier 1 recycled materials GoLite is replacing virgin, petro-chemical based materials in 100% of its main pack fabrics and in all of its sleeping bag collections with Tier 1 recycled nylons and polyesters (100% recycled – 25 to 50% post-consumer content). These new materials perform on-par with conventional alternatives, but garner dramatic savings in energy use and resource consumption. The Tier 1 recycling process involves taking used materials and breaking them down in a process called depolymerization and then reusing them as the molecular building blocks for new, recycled fabrics and insulation. This closed-loop process can be repeated indefinitely due to the high-quality of the resulting fibers. Other recycling methods can be employed to effectively divert used materials from landfills, but the performance results are not on par with Tier 1 recycling and the number of times those same materials can be recycled is limited. What does this mean for the environment? After factoring in reprocessing and increased transportation costs, an impressive 70% reduction in energy use and CO2 emissions for GoLite’s recycled nylons, and an even higher 80% reduction for the recycled polyesters that the company specifies.Digital Tools Replace Printed MaterialsGoLite has also replaced its printed dealer workbook this season with revolutionary new digital solutions, saving over 1.35 tons of paper. For over a year, GoLite has been working in an exclusive partnership with Brandwise, Inc. to develop an innovative digital sales tool called Visual Merchandiser™. Visual Merchandiser allows dealers to easily view a full integration of product details including product technologies, images and specs as well as plan and view product assortments and automatically place orders online. This tool offers speed, simplicity and sustainability and is changing the way GoLite does business. New Environmentally Preferred Material Product Offerings for Spring 2010: · RS Series Sleeping Bags– 100% Tier 1 recycled polyester throughout the bags including the shell, lining and insulation. 100% Tier 1 recycled nylon stuff sacks. · Adrenaline Series Sleeping Bags – 100% Tier 1 recycled polyester shells and linings. Sustainably sourced 800+ fill goose down. 100% Tier 1 recycled nylon stuff sacks. · UltraLite Series Sleeping Bags – 100% Tier 1 recycled polyester lining. Sustainably sourced 800+ fill goose down. 100% Tier 1 recycled nylon stuff sacks. · Adventure Series Sleeping Bags - 100% Tier 1 recycled polyester shells and linings. Sustainably sourced 650+ fill goose down. 100% Tier 1 recycled nylon stuff sacks. · All backpacks, daypacks and lumbar packs – 100% Tier 1 recycled nylon main fabrics · TraveLite™ Series -- which includes Wheeled Carry-On, Convertible Carry-On, Messenger bag, Backpack and Tote – 100% Tier 1 recycled nylon main fabrics · SilLite™ Series of travel packs, totes and shoulder bags – 100% Tier 1 recycled polyester · Badlands Trinity 3-Layer Hardshell Jacket & Pant – 100% Tier 1 recycled polyester face · Dakota Wind Shirt and Vest – 88% Tier 1 recycled polyester · Tilly Jane Run Skirt – 85% Tier 1 recycled polyester · Kings Canyon Wind Jacket – 88% Tier 1 recycled polyester · Sweetwater Frontcountry Pant and Bermuda – Tier 1 88% recycled polyester · Kellerwald Pant, Shant, Capri, Short and Travel Skirt – 23% Tier 1 recycled polyesterAbout GoLiteFounded in 1998, GoLite is the premier global manufacturer of lightweight, innovative and sustainable apparel and equipment designed specifically for outdoor athletes. GoLite is dedicated to transforming the outdoor athlete’s trail experience by designing and developing simple, beautiful high performance gear that lets people experience nature more with less. Driven by a philosophy of sustainability, GoLite is striving to be a 100% “carbon neutral,” zero waste company that uses a majority of environmentally preferred materials and zero restricted substances in its products by 2010. GoLite operates in 23 countries worldwide. For more information, visit www.golite.com or call 888-5-GOLITE.