Graham Establishes Potential V14 in RMNP

Glow in the Dark Estrellas, posted on Dave Graham's Twitter account.

5/4/11 - Dave Graham has established a new problem in Endo Valley, Rocky Mountain National Park: Glow in the Dark Estrellas. "Wow. Sick new zone, sick new problem," he says on his scorecard.

He was hesitant to attach a grade, but thinks it may be V14. "I am not sure if it is V14 for everyone," he says. "If you are shorter, it may be impossible, yet if you are taller, it could become more V13 or V12 even? [For reference, Graham stands about 5'8".] That said, it's certainly a morphological problem, but is certainly more difficult than Big Worm [V14] in Mt. Evans, for my height. The crux move is at my full extension, and is followed by a terrible toe-hook match, which is extra cabron. SYKED."

It seems that Graham is on another streak of finding new boulders, following his impressive string of first ascents last season at Lincoln Lake near Mt. Evans.

Date of ascent: May 3, 2011