Grassroots Advocacy Group Formed to Represent Climbers' Interests at Indian Creek, UT


The Friends of Indian Creek recently organized as a volunteer climbing advocacy group that seeks to preserve the unique and undeveloped character of Indian Creek while also providing necessary funding and other resources for stewardship projects and outreach efforts to ensure the conservation of the valued and world-class recreational, natural and cultural resources found at Indian Creek.

The mission of the Friends of Indian Creek is to preserve the unique experience we all love at Indian Creek. We support dispersed free camping, reasonable management policies, access to crags, limited development and a voice in future land management decisions. Our vision includes responsible recreation to ensure the conservation of Indian Creek’s natural resources and primitive character. To accomplish our mission, the Friends will raise funds for stewardship projects and provide outreach and education to the climbing community to assist in the protection of Indian Creek’s unique qualities. To become a free member, email and write in to express your views regarding how Indian Creek should be managed and your opinion about the proper role for the Friends group. The Friends will email you updates which can also be seen on the Friends of Indian Creek's website: