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Gregory Bahr - Reader BlogGreg has one purpose in life and that’s to climb. He has said screw you to the paved path, to the corporate world and has escaped to the outer limits of society to find his true self in nature. Rocks are his security.

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Gregory Bahr - Reader Blog 25/15/09 - It's funny I don't know what I miss more, my ex girlfriend or Sandstone Violence. My bet is on the boulder problem. Sandstone Violence is an amazing boulder problem located on a little cliff band at what the rest of world would consider one of the chossiest crags on Planet Earth in Dodgeville, Wisconsin. It starts on a nice jug, works through a couple of crimpers, and finishes with another jug proceeding with what appears to be a pretty chill top out.Gregory Bahr - Reader Blog 13/09/09 - As I sit on the picnic bench that resides in campsite 54 of the Pleasant Valley Pit campground aka the pit in Bishop, California I am stoking the coals of the fire I enjoyed with fellow climbers that are now since fallen asleep. The night sky hides everything around me leaving only the fire pit, the night sky full of stars, an awkward silence, and a notebook that my dying headlamp is focused in on.