Gunks Climbers Coalition to Host Waterworks Fundraiser


Waterworks from aleksandra shineleva on Vimeo.

5/11/10 - For nearly six years, the Mohonk Preserve and the Gunks Climbers Coalition have worked in conjunction with OSI and the Town of Rosendale to secure the purchase, transfer, and access to one of the Gunks most revered areas, the Waterworks Boulders. It finally seems that access is truly going to come to fruition soon enough, but your help is still needed. While the land purchase has been arranged, the management costs have not. And this is where the good of the people comes in.

On May 22, the Gunks Climbers Coalition will host a fundraiser BBQ party at the beautiful Williams Lake Property (424 Williams Lake Rd, Rosendale, NY). The event will go down from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m. and will feature videos from Big Up Productions, Bass For Your Face, and feature a live DJ set by Mon Voyage Neon. $25 will get you into the event as well as food, a couple of drinks, tons of raffle prizes, and the opportunity to help open a beautiful climbing area. Participation is limited to 500 people, so get there early. Last, but certainly not least, be there to be the first to hear a special announcement by the Mohonk Preserve about the future of the access to the Waterworks area. Surely not an event to miss, but if you would like to help the cause, please visit the Gunks Climbers Coalition page for info on how you can donate to the Waterworks Project.

The management were kind enough to allow Bass For Your Face a day to shoot the above video with which to share to the public. These images surely don't do the area justice, but at least give a scope of what possibilities there are at the Waterworks zone. Note that Waterworks is NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC AT THIS TIME. But with your help, it soon will be! Further information can be found at and