Haley Solos Waddington and Four Other Peaks


Haley climbed Waddington by starting up the Flavelle-Lane, a route that had previously been soloed by the great German alpinist Frank Jourdan; however, Jourdan did not reach the main summit. After getting soaked on Waddington, Haley dried out and then continued over Combatant, Tiedemann, and Asperity during the following days.

Haley was familiar with the terrain because he and Mark Bunker had completed the second ascent of the "Waddington Traverse" in 2004, crossing 11 summits in the range. But he felt the solo effort added a new edge. At his blog, Haley wrote, "Although some of the solos I have done were significantly harder technically, I think this was one of my best solo climbs because of its remote, committing nature, and also because of the psychological stamina required on a five-day solo, as opposed to just a single-push solo."

Read Haley's excellent account of the adventure and see many photos at his Skagit Alpinism blog.

Date of ascent: August 2012

Sources: colinhaley.blogspot.ca, Colin Haley