Hampi: Bouldering in Southern India


Located near the town of Vijayanagar in southern India, the granite boulders at Hampi offer something for everyone, whether your seeking double digit V-grades or an enlightened cultural perspective. Rent a scooter or bicycle and explore the limitless temples, banana plantations and boulders that stretch out in every direction. With a low cost of living in India lodging, transportation and food are very cheap making Hampi a fantastic vacation spot.

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In January, 2008, the day after News Years Eve, Sonnie Trotter and his girlfriend Lydia Zamorano boarded a plane for southern India in search of rock climbing, yoga, and a new lifestyle experience. Here are a few words from Sonnie's blog:

"India was a place I always told myself I wanted to go, but year after year it got pushed around, forced to the back burner by the priorities of life. When my girlfriend came to me and said, I want to study Yoga in Mysore I knew this was our chance to really make it happen. Within days we walked into the travel agency and purchased our tickets, 6 months before our departure date. It felt good to commit to something so early, sometimes thats exactly what it takes, just make it happen and the little things take care of themselves."

During his trip Sonnie was fascinated by the areas beauty and vowed he would take at least one photograph per day, during his nearly three month pilgrimage. His passion for climbing and art is clearly visible here in this collection. We hope you enjoy.

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