High Country Outfitters Spring Slideshows

Everest Summit Ridge. Image copyright Wally Berg - www.bergadventrures.com

Everest Summit Ridge. Image copyright Wally Berg - www.bergadventrures.com


Thursday, May 1, 2008 – HENRY BARBER slideshow – Journey to the SoulA leading climber in the 1970s and into the 1980s, Barber traveled the world raising standards and taking his clean ethic with him. In Colorado, Barber established Deans Day Off, a 5.12 at Independence Pass, climbing the thin face and crack barefoot, and without chalk or cams. In Boulder Canyon, his on-sight solo of Gorilla's Delight remains legendary. To this day Barber eschews modern gear and holds to his traditional ethic.

Barber has climbed in over 30 countries establishing first ascents in about 20 countries on rock, ice and alpine terrain. In the United States he was the first to establish 5.11 and or 5.12 in many areas all over the country. First free ascents and an ever increasing self imposed strict style were hallmarks of his climbing; as well as insatiable appetite for climbing up to 320 days a year and exploring new areas always.

Barber will speak about the evolution of his style and how international travel primarily to Britain, Australia, and Dresden Germany influenced his personal growth and motivated him. He will also speak about Korea, Italy, the U.S. and recent trips to Brazil and Meteora Greece. Historic first ascents and solo climbs will also be discussed.

Photo courtesy of Brenton Reagan.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008 – Brenton Reagan slideshowBrenton, a long time climber and Exum Mountain Guide, attempted Fitz Roy in Patagonia with John Bragg earlier this year and will be presenting a slideshow on this climb. Reagan already has many climbing accomplishments from around the world including the US and Mexico and expeditions in Nepal, Kazakhstan, and Patagonia.

Exum Mountain Guide and former U.S. Marine Corps Infantry and Security Forces. Brenton has been mountaineering throughout the U.S., including ascents and ski descents in the Tetons and Wind Rivers. He has completed ascents in the Canadian Rockies and completed expeditions to Mt. McKinley, Khan Tengri and Tien-Shan in Kazakhstan; did the First ascent "El Pilar" and "Cerro Liso," in Mexico; a member 2003 Khumbu Exploratory Expedition; First Ascent of Peak 5,880 in Khumbu, Nepal.