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High Quality, Low Profile


When huffing and puffing high in the alpine, light gear feels like a gift from the gods. Enter the BLACK DIAMOND COULOIR harness ($49.95, blackdiamondequipment.com). Clocking in at a skimpy eight ounces, this fully-featured rig offers features and comfort you’d expect on heavier models. The Couloir sports a belay loop, a full-strength haul loop, two webbing gear loops, and four ice-clipper loops. And thanks to the fully adjustable quick-release leg loops, it’s a cinch to take the harness on and off, even while wearing crampons or skis. Plus, the Couloir’s flat, quick-drying, low-profile webbing also means it packs down to the size of grapefruit and can be easily stuffed into the pocket of a mountain parka. How’s that for low profile?! — Dave Sheldon