High Roctane

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Too busy/fatalistic for proper nutrition, I surf my days on waves of salty starch and caffeine, beaching violently on the black shoals of low-blood-sugar despair come evening. I need hassle-free food that takes care of me. Thank heck for GU ENERGY ROCTANE ($3, guenergy.com), an “Ultra Endurance Energy Gel” engineered, after years of geek-tweaking, to be a superior, lactic-acid-reducing, 100-calorie energy shot. The flavors (blueberry pomegranate and vanilla orange) are solid, and you get 35mg of caffeine, supplemental calcium, a boatload of aminos, and some key electrolytes. I liked the Roctanes during enduro days at the cliffs — as a surefire anti-bonk boost — and as an afternoon, keyboard-jockey jolt. They held taste and texture well under different temperatures, too, with a negligible comedown.

—Matt Samet

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