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Hot N' Ready


There’s literally nothing better than that first sip of a hot drink after a long day slogging through snow and ice in sub-zero temperatures. Whatever your poison — coffee, tea, maté, or just plain water — the PRIMUS ExpressSPIDER STOVE ($60, will jump at the chance to please your palate in a matter of minutes. At a ridiculous seven ounces, this durable hose-fed gas stove has a specialized preheating coil that improves performance at higher altitude and in colder temps. Even though I could pretty much put this stove in my pants pocket, I opted to let it take up a tiny pocket on my pack that is normally reserved for granola bars. A powerful 7150 BTU’s per hour boils a liter of water in 4.5 minutes, guaranteeing you that warm fuzzy feeling all over faster than you can set up your tent. — Julie Ellison