HP40 - Triple Crown 2006 Recap


On this day all weather-related excuses fell flat; it was perfect sloper-weather: crisp, cool, and slightly windy. Competitors spread out through the tight boulderfield, taking their quiet time to pick off the 10 best problems for them from the 400+ available. This time, the women’s race was the virtual blowout; Kate Reese outclimbed Sasha DeGuilian by almost 2000 points. She absolutely hiked several of the area’s testpieces, including the venerable Slider (V9).During the course of the comp, God Module (V11) saw 5 repeats by various competitors. In the end, Paul Robinson narrowly bested visiting French superstar Tony Lamiche and Florida strongman Max Zolotukhin for win Number 2 in his Triple Crown campaign. The award ceremony, lubricated with bountiful libations, rose to a near fever pitch, prompted MC Kurt Smith’s liturgy of “Triple Crown! Drink Up! Lemme see some cash in this box!” The calls for donations, the thumping music, and boiling crowd nearly morphed revelry into revival, with competitors rushing the stage to empty their pockets for the SCC (www.seclimbers.org) and go diving back into the waiting arms of the faithful. After it was all over, the raffle and the Donation Box had yielded another 2000 dollars for the SCC, and the beer had ruined many Sunday climbing aspirations.

The Triple Crown finale will be held at The Stone Fort (formerly Little Rock City) outside Chattanooga, TN on December 2nd. Attendance is strongly recommended.

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