Hukkataival and Graham Busy FA'ing in Grampians


8/29/11 - Nalle Hukkataival has been busy putting up boulder first ascents in the Grampians, Australia, recently. He and Dave Graham, among others, have been focusing most on putting up new problems. "It's crazy how many projects and areas there are, and even though we've been climbing pretty much every single day, there still isn't nearly enough time for all that we're psyched on," he said on his blog.

Some new problems include Pigeon Superstition. "It's an amazing dyno problem, and probably hard V13," he said. "It's for sure a lot harder than the neighboring Ammagamma [V13]."

Other FAs include Parallel Lines (V11)—"a proud, tall line that folows two seams up the face with long moves leading to a dyno high off the ground"—and several more V11s.

One of Graham's first ascents, according to Hukkataival, is likely high-end V13.

Between project burns, Hukkataival flashed So You Can Think You Can Dance (V11), Gripmaster (V10), and American Pie (V10).

Another focus has been on repeating The Wheel of Life (V16/5.14d) in the Hollow Mountain Cave. This route has only seen three ascents, and its 60 moves of V9 through V12 have famously thwarted even the strongest climbers. Hukkataival feels confident on the climb, saying, "I did it in smaller sections the first day, and last time I did all the parts... The whole link-up seems very doable, but watching the local James Kassay practically cruise up The Wheel from a few moves in, and still fall off the last move, made me realize that it would probably take time to get teh whole thing dialed enough to go for the full link."

Dates of ascents: August 2011