Ice World Cup Results


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Ice World Cup Results

Ines Papert won the first stage of the women’s 2006 Ice Climbing World Cup, while the men’s comp ended in a tie between Harry Berger and Samuel Anthamatten after eight competition routes. The final round in the comp consisted of three routes, each of which would eliminate four of the 12 finalists. Papert flashed all three routes for the victory, ahead of runner-up Anna Torretta, who just failed to finish the first climb. The men’s routes were a bit too easy for the field and saw numerous flashes, resulting in a three-way superfinal between Anthamatten, Berger and Herbert Klammer. All three flashed the first superfinal route, but Klammer ran out of time on the second climb, leaving Berger and Anthamatten with eight flashes in the competition and the joint victory.

There are five World Cups on the schedule this year; upcoming events are in the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Romania and Norway. The full story (in English) and many pictures from the Val Daone comp can be seen at


1. Samuel Anthamatten (SWI) 1. Harald Berger (AUT) 3. Herbert Klammer (ITA) 4. Simon Wandeler (SWI) 5. Simon Anthamatten (SWI)


1. Ines Papert (GER) 2. Anna Torretta (ITA) 3. Stéphanie Maureau (FRA) 4. Kirsten Buchmann (AUT) 5. Petra Muller (SWI)

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