IFSC 2018 Women's Bouldering World Championship Results

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IFSC Bouldering World Championships Women Janja Garnbret 2018

Janja Garnbret celebrates one of several semi-finals tops on her way to winning the 2018 Bouldering World Championships.

1. Janja Garnbret
2. Akiyo Noguchi
3. Stasa Gejo
4. Jessica Pilz
5. Miho Nonaka
6. Petra Klingler

U.S. Competitors

10. Margo Hayes
16. Alex Puccio
25. Krya Condie
27. Ashima Shiraishi
31. Claire Buhrfiend (tie)
31. Brooke Raboutou (tie)
51. Maya Madere
85. Meagan Martin
91. Lisa Chulich

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