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In the Bag



Shelf Road, 1990: after another wretched, frosty night, I bought a second cheap-o sleeping bag, reasoning that two bad bags together somehow equaled one good one. The result? A suffocating cocoon with subpar thermoregulation. If only I’d had the ingenious LIPPI SELK’BAG SLEEPWARE SYSTEM 1 ($149,, a sleeping bag in suit form. With a range from 49 to 32 F, the System 1 bag has hollow-fiber, bondedpolyester insulation, hand and leg zips, a front-torso zip-down flap, reinforced feet, and a drawstring hood. The shell, meanwhile, is durable nylon taffeta 210T/70D. The Selk’bag’s great around camp but also as your primary sleeping bag . . . or “bag within a bag” for extra warmth. Weights are 3.4lbs (M), 3.8lbs (L), and 4.5lbs (XL). There’s also the warmer Model 2

—Matt Samet