International Group to Promote Climbers' Contributions


Lead by an all-star board of directors, including members from five countries, The Mountain Fund is out to change public perceptions about climbers. According to executive director Scott MacLennan, climbers and other adventure travelers often get a bad rap in the press as selfish thrill-seekers. The mainstream press is always reporting tragedies on mountains around the world and even showing them on six-story IMAX screens. What's never reported is the untold acts of caring and unselfish service happening everyday in countries that host our explorations. Climbers tend to be more concerned than the average person about the well being of the people who live in the worlds mountainous regions. Just look at how many nonprofit organizations were started by climbers, hikers and trekkers who visited the far corners of the planet and were touched, moved, and inspired to help the people of the lands they visited, and how you never hear much about this.

The Mountain Fund is the voice of those giving back and they intend to be heard. Already they have a dozen of these organizations as members and they know there are a lot more out there. Mountain Fund Member Agencies are dealing with healthcare, education, at-risk youth, porters rights and environmental concerns around the world. MacLennan says he hopes the climbing community will get behind this initiative and make a strong statement that this is who we are; this is what we are doing.

Among the supporters of The Mountain Fund are Climbing Magazine, Rock and Ice, Alpinist, Everestnews, SummitClimb and Suntoucher Mountain Guides. More about the The Mountain Fund can be found at

Board Members are Greg Crouch, Scott Barylski, Martin Berka, Dan Mazur, Gyanendra Ghale, George Martin, Carolyn Parker, Bob Doak, Dorothy Kammerer- Doak, Garth Willis, Teri TeKautz, Denis Urubko, Chad Kellogg, Kevin Cooney, Tom Reid, JP Parsons, Yure Chavez, Thibaut George, Stephen Graepel, Stan Hickory and Jake Norton. Climber/Writer Molly Loomis is a grant writer at the Mountain Fund.