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International Kalymnos Climbing Festival

Climber on Ajax (5c). Photo by Nicolas Smalios

Climber on Ajax (5c). Photo by Nicolas Smalios

The International Kalymnos Climbing Festival will be held on May 22-26, 2009, on the scenic and tranquil island of Kalymnos, Greece. The event will be organized by the Municipality of Kalymnos. Climbers of all abilities and from all countries are welcome to attend the event.

The island of Kalymnos has incredible limestone routes of all difficulties, both single and multi-pitch, at a variety of angles from delicate slabs to super-steep caves covered with with stalactites. A majority of the routes are based around the village of Massouri with approches ranging from 5 to 20 minutes. For other areas you may need to rent a car or scooter.

The 5.15 slaying, Czech superstar Adam Ondra has confirmed that he'll be coming to this year's event.

For more about Kalymnos, Greece read the feature story by Jeff Achey:Going Greek on the Island of Kalymnos The street is dark and quiet except for the laughter of a group of climbers stumbling back from a bar and the far-off whine of a scooter. I hear the surf on the gravel beach of the Greek island of Kalymnos, a small, rocky outcropping in the Dodecanese near the coast of Turkey, and my thoughts are of steep moves on climbs whose names end in “-os.” Omiros, Kerveros, Eros — the routes are tipped-back concoctions of pockets and tufas and stalactites, and my forearms remember them as a butt remembers a spanking.

The stunning view from the Dolonas Cave. Photo by Nicolas Smalios

The stunning view from the Dolonas Cave. Photo by Nicolas Smalios


Friday May 22nd

  • Morning: free ( Arrivals – Free settling in )

  • 7 pm - Welcome buffet & briefing.

  • 8 pm – Presentation by Adam Odra

Saturday May 23rd

  • Morning: free climbing

  • Evening: Bouldering & Dyno Comp.

Sunday May 24th

  • Morning: Free ride rally

  • 8 pm – Presentation by Claude Remy

Monday May 25th

  • Morning: 9a demo by the Champs!

  • Evening: Goodbye party and awards

Tuesday May 26th

  • All day: Enjoy the Rocks!