Introducing Outside Business Journal

The new digital and print publication is essential reading for anyone who wants a behind-the-scenes look at the outdoor industry.

“What’s the backstory of a brand?”

“Who are the people behind it?”

“What does that company stand for?”

“Does it do business responsibly and sustainably?”

“Which business trends should I keep an eye on?”

“How can I ‘follow the money’ to discover which companies are thriving—and which are merely surviving?”

If you want the answers to these questions and more, we invite you to check out our newly rebranded sister publication, Outside Business Journal (OBJ).


Formerly known as SNEWS, OBJ has been covering the business of outdoor recreation for 37 years. The publication specializes in essential breaking news, trend reports, interviews, and in-depth reporting about those who manufacture, sell, and market outdoor gear, and the organizations that work to protect the places we play.

“We’re not your typical trade journal,” says Kristin Hostetter, editor-in-chief of OBJ. “So much of our content is relevant for anyone who’s passionate about outdoor sports and active living.”

Last month, for example, OBJ spotlighted 20 Black-owned outdoor businesses around the country, as a way to support those companies—and encourage others to support them— during Black History Month. Other recent topics include a deep dive into the health and mystique of REI and a report on how that ATM card in your wallet might fund drilling in the Arctic. Last month, OBJ also published a video panel discussion about the use of the N word in the outdoor industry.

If your curiosity about the outdoor industry matches your passion for the outdoors, head over to Outside Business Journal to get the inside scoop.