Iranian Challengers organize expedition to Nanga Parbat to help save Iran's Karun River

Iranian climber - Leyla Estandiari. Photo courtesy of

Iranian climber - Leyla Estandiari. Photo courtesy of

Right now, an extraordinary event is happening. Leyla Estandiari, an Iranian woman has been chosen to lead a team to the top of Nanga Parbat (ninth highest at 26,657 feet), known as the "Man Eater" by some — a peak second in difficulty only to K2. Sponsored by an Iranian Company, Narvan Arra, who have dedicated this climb to raising awareness about cleaning up the pollution that is affecting Iran's main river, the beautiful River Karun.

This event should not pass without encouragement. So those of you who champion extraordinary women and those of you who support environmental initiatives may please send a note of encouragement to Leyla and her team at for a successful journey and to the company for their environmental aspirations.

Lets see how far we can take our messages of encouragement!

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