Jedi Mind Tricks


Ryan Nelson and Jared Ogden each redpointed a two-season project in Lake City, Colorado, in mid-December, creating what may be one of the world's hardest mixed climbs. Jedi Mind Tricks exits an enormous cave on volcanic rock, where tiny pockets would accept only the first tooth of the climbers' picks. The two climbers first attempted the line last March and made about a dozen attempts this season before each completed it."It's by far the coolest mixed route I've ever climbed," Ogden wrote on Nelson's web site. "It's massive, with tons of hard moves and weird sequences that were hard to master." Because of the nature of the rock, they had to use bare hands instead of the tools to climb certain moves. Both climbers have redpointed M12 in Europe and said Jedi Mind Tricks was harder.For more info and a photo of the route,