Jerry Moffatt's Revelations Wins Grand Prize at Banff Mountain Book Festival


Revelations, the autobiography of British rock climber Jerry Moffatt, has won the Grand Prize at the 2009 Banff Mountain Book Festival – one of the biggest prizes in publishing in the outdoor, adventure and environment genres, and arguably the most prestigious prize in mountain literature. Written with co-author Niall Grimes and published by Vertebrate Publishing, Revelations was selected from 101 entries from 10 countries as the best book at this year’s awards. Niall Grimes will collect the award and $2000 (Canadian) prize at a special ceremony in Banff on Thursday November 5th. “Margaret Thatcher’s great contribution to pushing rock climbing standards in the 1980s can now be better appreciated,” said Stephen Goodwin – one of three judges – of the book. He continued; “There’s none of the familiar ice-gripped “heroics” we’ve become inured to in climbing books, and instead of dark introspection, the diversions from the actual climbing are bikes, dossing, travel, having fun and becoming a businessman (a founder of Sheffield’s The Foundry climbing wall.) Moffatt and Grimes have done climbing history a service in setting down the story of UK climbing in the “dole era” of the 1980s — a story that was quickly becoming forgotten.” Putting the award in context, journalist and climber Ed Douglas commented; “Winning the Banff Grand Prize is a startling result for Jerry Moffatt and Niall Grimes. Readers and critics often assume that rock climbing is great in essay form but doesn’t make for compelling books in the way mountaineering does. Giving such a high-profile prize to the autobiography of a rock climber will force people to think again.” Commenting on the book’s international success, Jerry said; “When we started working on the book our aim was to create something special, and something that inspired people who read it. There are a lot of mountaineering books published each year, but there are very few books that explore the specialist world of rock climbing. I’m absolutely thrilled by the news that we’ve been honoured in this way.”Revelations is also shortlisted for the 2009 Boardman Tasker Prize for Mountain Literature, another prestigious award, the winner of which will be announced at the Kendal Mountain Festival on November, 20th. The book charts the story of Jerry’s meteoric rise to rock climbing stardom in the 1980s, and how he overcame injury to stay at the top for over two decades. Many consider Jerry’s story to be that of climbing itself in the last thirty years. Travelling the world to fulfil his dreams, Jerry’s story is a compelling and often hilarious account of the climbing community with all its glories, dangers and foibles, as well as the story of a true sporting legend.Revelations is available from all good book shops. Signed copies are available from