Jimmy Webb Flashes Rocklands V13, V14


7/1/13 - During a stint in South Africa, Jimmy Webb has flashed two of Rocklands' most popular hard boulder problems: The Vice and Sky.

The Vice (V13) is one of the area's most popular testpieces, and has seen ascents by climbers like Fred Nicole, Daniel Woods, Adam Ondra, Paul Robinson, and many more. Sky was established in 2008 by Daniel Woods and was tagged at V14. Consensus on the grade has been a little divided, but it seems to favor the original rating. However, after his flash ascent, Webb suggested that V13 was more appropriate, which could be due to his height.

"One of the best feelings I've had in climbing," Webb said on his 8a.nu scorecard. "Such a rad bloc. Props to Daniel for establishing this incredible line. Fit me perfectly. 8B+ [V14] flash sounds nice but this is just not the case. At least for my height."

These weren't his only hard sends. He also made quick work of Golden Shadow (V14), Derailed (V13, second try), Mooiste Meisie (V13), The Arch (V12, second go), Black Shadow (V12), and more than a dozen V11s. According to ukclimbing.com, Webb has Monkey Wedding (V15) on his mind; the area seems to suit him well, so we might see his first V15 on this trip.

Dates of ascents: June 20–30, 2013

Sources: 8a.nu, ukclimbing.com