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My first blog

After doing a personal blog for over a year now I am pleased to have a few people who actually enjoy reading about what goes on in my life. I first started simply to keep my family and friends up on current happenings and communicate what I have going on. It was something a little more creative than a mass email. I find the blog to only have a purpose if people read it, so before I go any further….thank you and respect, to those that read.

I will keep the blog entries on geared more around major events in my life and even include friends to help with entries. The regular “This is what is going on day-to-day” type of blog is NOT what I want to go for, let’s be creative huh?

The current situation I am in is a pretty damn nice one. Colette McInerney (my queen) and I are in Southern Utah living with three other people in the dwelling known as “The Ranch”. Jorge Visser owns the house and rented to us last year as well. For someone really psyched on ALL types of climbing this is REALLY a great place to be. We are 20 minutes from Zion, which I have yet to see (yeah pathetic, I know). There are LOTS of limestone and sandstone areas for sport climbing 5 minutes to1 hour away. There is also amazing bouldering about 20 minutes away, not to mention the new spots that my roommate Seth Giles and Isaac Caldiero have discovered. There is a LOT to keep a climber busy with around here, and THAT’S why we are here.

I have just gotten the bolting psyche. I am SUPER inspired by Chris Lindner for his hardcore searching for bomb-ass caves and the next ill-spot. Chris has been searching in a helicopter for christ sakes!!! BALLER right?!!! Searching for new walls to bolt is a very energy sapping endeavor and it takes serious effort. Though some of the most impressive limestone walls exist in this part of the country, it’s hard not to compare it to the quality of Europe. It’s takes unimaginable effort when you are striving to find walls of a certain caliber, there’s just no in between. We have been searching and searching hard. This form of a contribution to climbing is very valuable and I am proud to participate in it.

BUT, with all of the bolting and hiking there HAS to be time for climbing. I swear, being a full-time-climber, there is STILL not enough time to do everything you want to do. We have plans to go bouldering one day, maybe we’ll go to Bishop or Hueco next week. But there are also our projects to tend to, and the new areas to seek out. Then you as have to rest a day here and there, and start thinking about that one cave you spotted off the highway? You can really get carried away in this position have to prioritize man…nuff said. It’s hard when you have a lot of psyche to do it all….VERY hard!!!!

Until I climb another nice, challenging route, or bolt a beautiful line, or find the next baller cliff, I don’t think I will ever be content. And to me that’s a good thing. It keeps you trying and keeps you hungry, which I always am.

Thanks for reading everyone….and lots of love to Colette, the best partner and girlfriend an obsessed climber could have.

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