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Lunch at the Cathedral. Photo by Keith Ladzinski /

Lunch at the Cathedral. Photo by Keith Ladzinski /

Part of my creative outlet that doesn’t involve climbing, completely is editing videos. I copped the program Final Cut Pro from video-baller-Mike Call at Momentum Video Magazine and just delved into it. I had NO idea what the hell I was doing at first. To edit a 2 minute video took me a week and color correction was a complete anomaly. I taught myself basically everything I know, and these days I got the program pretty wired. Wired enough to put out a few videos I am psyched to show off to my friends and throw up on the interweb. Jyeeah!

The intuitive process and the need to create something is an endeavor we all share. It’s like a cave-man instinct we have to produce something out of nothing for a pat on the back or a little satisfaction. These videos have been that for me. I have the opportunity to film some pretty bad-ass people doing some amazing climbing. I am truly no Josh Lowell or Chuck F-Bomb, and that’s not what I’m striving for….it’s just the act of provoking conversation and entertainment for those interested. Nuff said.

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I came up with the idea to promote one of my most important sponsors, Gregory Packs, in a way that was fun for me, good for them and, an endeavor that would correlate creativity and climbing from an obsessed athlete like myself. This is for all climbers… Hence, a series of Gregory commercials. I have a list of ideas and goofy plots… ALL in the freedom of I want to do. It CAN’T get much better than that right????

Well…this is part ONE…part one out of 5 or 6 or 7, or whenever it gets old…So enjoy everyone…thanks for reading… and GET AT IT!!!!

HERE IT IS:Gregory Packs Commercial Series, #1This first episode features myself on The Worm Turns (V11), Joe's Valley, Utah. This has to be one of the sickest sandstone tufas anywhere.

Gregory Packs Commercial Series, #1. from Joey Kinder on Vimeo.