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Daniel Woods Loves the Solution

Daniel Woods Loves the Solution from La Sportiva on Vimeo.

This content was shot in the Gorges Du Loup, which is in the South of France. It is a great summer spot with the beach near, a beautiful gorge, and some test-pieces that kept us busy for a month and a half. Daniel impressed all of us, including the locals with his fanaticism and efforts he put in each day. He would try one 9a and immediately after run over to jump on an 8c+, and then 20 minutes after that he would attempt to onsight an 8b! It was one of my favorite times in Europe this year and mainly due to hanging out and climbing with Daniel. He stands by his statements in the video and believes that the Solution is the best shoe ever made and he uses it for everything.

The edits were done over the past few weeks. I find editing great for the rest days where you can be productive and still incorporate what I love more than anything... climbing.Thanks TONS!!!!

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