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Gregory Torre 33L Commercial

Gregory Torre 33L Commercial from Joey Kinder on Vimeo.

The Torre 33 is my favorite in the entire Gregory Pack Collection.I have a lot of pride in the LTS Fusion Series as I aided in the design of these fine packs. They gave me a prototype for my recent trip to Europe. What better way to test the product than to put it on a traveling climber in Europe?! We had beauty all around us from the Mediterranean Ocean to the Pyrenees Mountains. With two solid months climbing in the Gorges around Nice, I was able to complete some of the most difficult, greatest, and proudest routes I have ever climbed.

This is one of the aspects that keeps me on the road and going back for more. My life as a rock climber involves so much moving around and experiences from a given "point A" to "point B." I approach my travels with simplicity and the lack of any hinderances... and THAT is why I use the Torre 33... it's my baby.

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