John Bachar Memorial at Mammoth Lakes


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John Bachar Memorial at Mammoth Lakes

News link: On Monday, July 27, 2009, climbers from all over the country gathered to mourn the loss of climbing legend John Bachar in Mammoth Lakes, California. Many commented that such a collection of American climbers is unlikely to ever reconvene.

“Throughout the event I saw the outpouring of grief and good will cut through whatever differences might have arisen between people.” said John Long who lead off the thread at the day after the service. “At various times I found myself recounting the most fantastic memories with people with whom I, sadly, had grown estranged for reasons ranging from entanglements and petty misunderstandings to nothing at all. In the process I got reconnected with the people around whom I was formed. I touched into myself in a vital, half-forgotten way and recalled where I came from. These things will serve me for the rest of my life”

The three-hour service was made possible by Ron Gomez, emceed by Rick Accomazzo and attended by Bachar's father, brother, sister, son Tyrus, Tyrus' mother, and John's girlfriend plus a number of well known climbers such as Royal Robbins, Peter Croft, Jim Bridwell, Lynn Hill, Jeff Lowe, Ron Kauk, Steve Schneider, Kurt Smith, Dale Bard, Dave Yerian, Dave Schultz, Scott Cosgrove, Mike Lechlinski and many more.

Visit to see photos from the service by Todd Gordon, Ron Gomez, Phil Bard, Ed Hartouni and others.,

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