John Dicuollo


aka: jLd

Age: 36

Forte: Over analyzing and being indecisive until the last possible minute, yet usually arriving at the best outcome despite the exhausting deliberation.

Favorite drink: Orange Juice Alcoholic: New Belgium's Fat Tire

How long have you been with Climbing? January 2004.

Where are you from and how did you end up at Climbing? came from PETZL. Managed the Front Climbing Club, SLC, and Philly Rock Gym prior.

What's your favorite issue of Climbing? Let me think of that one for a minute. Issue #174 maybe……aiding in NC. Reminds me of the good ole days, haggin it out Southeast style.

What's your favorite department in Climbing? The ad department of course….we get to talk to everyone.

What are the best and worst things about living in Carbondale, CO?Best: The abundance of motivated people & friends who all share a passion for the outdoors. The proximity to some of the most awesome outdoor recreation in the world without the crowdsWorst: The single scene...

How do you spend your time in the:Spring: Still hoping for POW. Summer: Learning to climb. Fall: Finally, climbing. Winter: Skiing the POW.

On a good weekend: A double-double. Skiing in the AM, climbing in the PM. A good DJ and some dancing late night. Or, a Fall weekend at the Gunks.

After work: A Rifle session or disc golf tourney with the crew.

Ten years ago: Shutting it down Philly style……at the Philadelphia Rock Gym.

In ten years I'll be: Marking Director at Alta Ski Resort by winter. Greenskeeper of Wasatch Mountain State Golf Course by summer. Opening act for DJ D:Fuse on a select tour of exotic locations with upbeat audiences.