Join us to help celebrate the removal of the Hydro Poles on the Isle of Skye, Scotland


The Collie Mackenzie Sculpture Group is a charity which was formed in 2004 and their aim is to celebrate the huge contribution made to the early history of climbing in Skye by Sconser man John Mackenzie, and his internationally renowned climbing companion, Professor Norman Collie.

The groups wish is to preserve the story of these two men who did much to raise awareness of the land and the people of Skye, by erecting a statue of both, placed on a rock, at Sligachan

This is a community lead initiative, developed by the crofting township of Sconser, in partnership with their landowner, the John Muir Trust, a conservation charity. We are tired of filling out applications for funding from various bodies, and trying to meet ever changing criteria, the group have decided to try a different approach, and launch a worldwide appeal for help, to raise funds to realise this project. Having achieved so much to date, the project is now at a crucial stage, and the next few months will see much activity.

In July 2009, at the group’s request, the Scottish Hydro Electric have kindly agreed to remove 4 hydro poles at the site, in order to improve the surrounding environment, and make way for the sculpture.

This represents a substantial investment on behalf of the company, and is greatly appreciated by the group. Building on this progress, when the poles come down (date in July yet to be confirmed), the group intend to launch a worldwide appeal to raise funds to build the sculpture.The way they are proposing to do this is quite unusual, if not unique!

  • They will be issuing certificates to donors who participate, stating that they have donated a certain weight of bronze, towards building the statue.

  • The sculpture of the two figures will weigh 400kilos(400,000 grams)

  • Bronze can be donated at £1 per gram

  • Certificates will start at £10 for 10 grams and any amount of bronze can be donated upwards of £50for 50 grams, £500 for 500 grams(0.5 Kilos), £1000 for 1 Kilo.

  • Each certificate will be numbered, signed, and dated.

This will be a chance for people from around the world to buy in to a piece of history in the making, here on the Isle of Skye, and at the same time, have it recorded for posterity.

If Public Art is about public participation, then this project aims to offer the worldwide community the chance to get involved!

Sixteen primary schools on Skye are involved and will be participating in educational projects related to the climbers story.

Please visit the group’s website for more information.