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Jonathan Hörst, 10, Climbs God's Own Stone (5.14a)


3/12/13 - Ten-year-old Jonathan Hörst has climbed his first 5.14a with God's Own Stone, Red River Gorge, Kentucky.

More notably, Hörst is (technically) the youngest climber ever to send this grade; he is 10 years and 7 months old. Fellow young guns Brooke Raboutou and Italian Tito Traversi each climbed 5.14a at the (slightly older) age of 10 years, 11(ish) months. (Raboutou's ascent was also God's Own Stone.)

Hörst comes from good climbing blood; his dad is Eric Hörst, hardman climber and author of How to Climb 5.12 and Training for Climbing. Jonathan's older brother, Cameron, pulled off an ascent of God's Own Stone about a year ago at age 11. After training hard all winter, Jonathan traveled with his family to the Red River Gorge to attempt the climb. He worked the route twice on Friday, March 8, and then returned fresh on Saturday and completed it on his fourth try.

Eric credits the advantage of having excellent beta from Cameron; he says the ascent was self-motivated, with Jonathan nominating the climb as one of his goals for the year.

Date of ascent: March 9 2013

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