Jonathan Thesenga


Age: Since 1971, or so my mother says ...

Forte: Gettin' mauled on desert towers, pissin' people off, and drinkin' PBR.

Favorite drink: Breast milk.

How long have you been with Climbing? Which time?

Where are you from and how did you end up at Climbing? I was raised by wolves in the backwoods of the Northwest Territories, where I was given the name Mukluk Eshinok, which means: One who frolics in the cowpies of life. After an oil-sniffing Haliburton field technician drove over my den, crushing my wolf family under his F350's wheels, I walked for many moons until finding safety and peace in sewers of Newark, New Jersey. After a few years of trolling for rats and trash, I hitched my way to Carbondale and began my life as a desk jockey/spraylord/gentleman of leisure.

What's your favorite issue of Climbing? The issue with Carmen Electra on the cover. Oh no, wait, that's Penthouse ...

What's your favorite department in Climbing? The beer fridge.

A good weekend: Lasts for five days instead of two.

After work: I go home and paint Civil War figurines and listen to Joan Baez.

Ten years ago: I was in 6th grade.

In ten years I'll be: Working the graveyard shift at a 7-Eleven in Tuscallosa.