Josune Bereziartu - Pro Blog 13


This first time was an awesome experience for me. I felt the natural difficulty, even if the routes were easy stuff. I remember that my mind pushed me to the top of the route, and my heart wanted to control the uncontrollable situation. I remember that Saturday as it was almost today.

Tomas brought me back home after that satisfactory and hard day.

When I entered my home and my mother just saw the happiness that my face transmitted after that first climbing day she thought: “When she left home this morning she was still was a little ‘colt.’ But, this afternoon when she got home, she is a ‘wild horse.’ I guess I must forget the stereotypical life I wanted for her.” I did received her heritage though, especially her determination; my mother was not a quitter.

Since the ugly accident that Rikar had just a month and a half ago, I have been training in my climbing gym. These last weeks have been pretty grey stuff. When everybody is climbing outside and you are immersed in your training schedule, it is not mentally easy. But on the other hand, it is necessary. The bad weather of mid April allowed me to stay less stressed and put motivation on my training.


Just at this time a couple of nice Norwegian friends visited us, Ragnhild and Thomas. They wanted to discover the Basque Country’s interesting climbing areas, and what they found was this crazy weather we are suffering this year. They left Norway with almost a one-meter snowstorm and arrived to Basque Country with 30 degrees and this cold and rainy weather. So finally they left desperate and went to taste their stamina at Tarn in France.

My dear Rikar's broken muscle fibers of his triceps are getting better day by day.