Josune Bereziartu - Pro Blog 5


As Time Goes By

Hey guys, I enjoyed the states a lot! I feel Smith Rock is like those strange and rare pearls that are so different, so beautiful. It seems climbing mainstream only thinks of medium size holds on huge overhanging walls. Smith Rock is quite different. Anyway, once you get your first routes there and start enjoying the beautiful lines that are all over the river side you realize that the reality is what it is: again, beautiful lines everywhere.

After seven tries all over I realized that I did not want to mortgage my climbing trip only trying Just Do It, I feel it like it wasn’t in my own. My mind didn’t want to stay the next 12 days only thinking on it. So I decided to leaved for better occasion and try to experience this trip as it used to be when I first came to the states like 10 years ago. Just go and climb without any objective: let the circumstances of the routes I wanted to try catch me or not.


In the middle of the trip, we were hit with rainy weather. We had to find the steepest walls to be protected from the rain so we spent those four days in the Aggro Gully. I sent White Wedding, and Bad Man -- both routes I felt like 8b+ difficulties. The last days I spent visiting old friends in Boulder, Colorado. We had a very nice time with Matt and Amanda, and with Howard and Kate, too. We recalled some old climbing stories which, you know, made you feel like you were in the old movie, ”As Times Go By.”

—Josune Bereziartu