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I usually don’t drink coffee, I admit that I like it a lot, but when I go climbing or training it makes me feel shakey. So, not good feelings for pushing myself.

A few days ago I went to Lecco in Italy. I admit, it is always a pleasure to visit this country. The first thing I do when I am here is visit a coffee shop and try one of the biggest pleasure you can do there, drink an espresso. Yes rules are there to sometimes break, and in Italy there's a pure culture about coffee. Inside of that little cup, there’s a short, dark, and tasty brew that is a about culture and living style.

Riccardo Cassin Foundation invited me to a short conference to tell my point of view about women and mountain, in the cultural event “Mountain and Philosophy.” After this, I had to bring a slide show about my climbing, routes, experiences, etc.


Well, a few days ago I received a phone call from Patxi [Usobiaga]. He told me that he just sent a 9a project. "Hey, Josune, go and try it, and let me know what you think about it." I promised him I would try it. This route is located in Etxauri, in a not very well known place. But with the effort of Ekaitz Maiz and some locals, they have developed a modern area in an interesting, old climbing site. It's a nice place for this season, no? Congratulations, Patxi, for your recent world cup winning!

Photo by Rikar Otegi


Photo by Rikar Otegi