Julbo Named Recipient of American Alpine Institute's Prestigious "Guide's Choice" Award


WILLISTON, VT (July 20, 2009) – Julbo, a true eyewear pioneer with over 120 years of optical heritage and roots deeply implanted in the sport of mountaineering, is honored to receive the “Guide’s Choice” Award by officials of the American Alpine Institute (AAI) for its Bivouak glacier sunglass this July at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2009.

In existence for over three decades, the AAI Award is one of the strongest endorsements in the outdoor industry regarding performance, design excellence and durability of specific products and technology. Julbo’s Bivouak has exceeded expectations by proving to be the highest quality in its product category.

“On behalf of the American Alpine Institute, I am very please to award Julbo with the 2009 AAI Guides Choice Award. The professional guides of the institute see the Bivouak as the best product in its category because of its design, performance and durability. AAI guides love it because it’s strong and comfortable, but also so versatile. Besides serving the guides extremely well in the mountains, with the side shields off, the Bivouak becomes the best-looking mountain glasses to ever hit the city streets. It now holds an important place on the gear lists of all our programs, “ said Dunham Gooding, president of AAI.

AAI guides test the product on climbs in six different states and sixteen countries around the world to ensure that the product can withstand every environmental challenge imaginable.

“We’re honored to have the Bivouak recognized by AAI, a leader in the mountain guiding industry. It’s a true statement of how well out glasses perform in real guiding and climbing situations in the mountains, “ says Nick Yardley, U.S. president of Julbo.

The Bivouak has become an essential part of the AAI guide’s uniform because of its endless versatility and ease in its magnetic frame and lens technology. The magnetic protective wings can be attached in a split second to cover the face and protect the eyes in aggressive sun reflection environments in high altitude and glacier territory, or removed for every day use with style. Additionally, the frame has 360-degree adjustable Grip Tech temples for a secure and custom fit at all times, as well as front venting for constant airflow.

The Bivouak pushes the envelope even further by offering a lens option with the most specialized lens known to the world’s most elite mountaineers, Julbo’s Camel lens technology. This lens was designed for protection against the strongest reflection imaginable for glacier territory. It protects against 95-percent of visible light and incorporates polarizing and photochromatic lens technology to offer constantly evolving protection that darkens and lightens according to the intensity of the light. In addition, the Camel lens provides anti-dazzle protection and high definition vision, as well as a life-long anti-fog coating. The Bivouak is also available in Julbo’s Zebra and Spectron 4 lens technology.

Julbo is proud to know that AAI will wear the Bivouak as they continue testing and searching for the latest innovations in alpine gear.

Please stop by Julbo’s booth, number 9045, at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2009 to check out Julbo’s new product.

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