June 2010 - 286 - Photo Annual

June 2010 - 286 - Photo Annual


GALLERYStunning shots from all over... except Bishop, Boulder, Rocklands, or the Red. (You're welcome.)

NGA XUONG SONG Deep water soloing in Vietnam's Ha Long BayOnce upon a time on the South China Sea, invaders attacked and dragons fell from the sky. Much later, climbers invaded... and fell from the sky.By Chris Lindner - Photos by Brian Solano

TAULITTUQAn arctic odysseyAny climb on Canada's Baffin Island is a bit off the beaten path. But on the world's fifth-largest island, there's remote, and there's really remote. Five adventurers set out on a "fair means" expedition to a wall that's definitely the latter.By Stefan Glowacz - Photos by Klaus Fengler

BLACK CANYON OUTTAKESTales from Colorado's uniquely scary big wallsRunout seams, loose blocks, poison ivy, forced bivys – the author will do whatever it takes to get out of Colorado's Black Canyon of the Gunnison. By Topher Donahue

EMOTIONIt's what moves us.By Keith Ladzinski

STRIPESA swath of rock, a streak of color, a flash of power.By Andrew Burr


CONTRIBUTORS Keith Ladzinski and John Connor

EDITORIAL By Guest Editor Keith Ladzinski

LETTERSFeaturing the winners of "Show Us Your Climbing Tattoo" contest

JUSTOUTA sweet new helmet cam, a fresh new photo pack, the world's smallest portaledge, and some kickin' shades

TEN THINGS . . .Ten things you didn't know about (you guessed it) climbing photography

TECHTIPS Say no to posing, sharing via the web, and how to take the killer butt shot

REVIEWS Adventure photography, beautiful Bishop, and Fryberger's CORE

ANCHOREDRumney rehabilitator Tim Kemple, Sr.

PERSPECTIVESenior Contributing Photographer Andrew Burr on life, climbing, and doing right by the little lady